Ideal Exercise is The Intelligent Approach To Meaningful Results.
In the same way that a personal trainer differs from an exercise instructor, there is an important distinction between activities done for recreation and activities for exercise. Recreation is selected according to personal preference. The primary benefit of recreation is enjoyment.

Exercise, on the other hand, is very much the opposite of everything that we would choose for our immediate enjoyment. The benefit that we hope for from exercise is that we will become stronger, more capable of performing physically. But exercise does not directly make us stronger, in fact it makes us significantly weaker. Our body naturally responds to this unusual imbalanced state by adapting with a greater strength reserve.

To advocate proper exercise to the people of Huntsville and the surrounding area as a means to improve their physical strength and thus general health by providing accurate instruction in an environment conducive to maximum effect while expending the minimum resources required, resulting in greater functional ability toward every endeavor..

The hope for Ideal Exercise specifically is to be the local portion of the broad effort to bring rationality to the fitness industry. Critical thinking is to be considered fundamental to viewing exercise appropriately. Every assertion is to be tested for scientific principles and must be communicated accurately either as known or as presumed. Every idiom, myth and convention that is found lacking by scientific analysis and deductive reasoning is to be refuted as often as it is presented. Exercise is to be considered a volitional effort to stimulate growth and contrary in purpose to every other activity in which one engages. While exercise is explicitly for physical improvement, it should ultimately be instructive toward personal growth.