The Owner

The Owner

MedX Leg Curl

Ethan Willey                            Owner of Ideal Exercise

I have been an exercise and health enthusiast since before the age of 12. Driven mainly by the desire to improve sports performance I tried every method of conditioning available in search of the best results. I knew instinctively that strict form and hard effort were vital to success, but I was misled as most are into practices that build ego more than strength. It’s been my goal to promote the truth and expose the harmful myths and jargon that so easily deceive.

I worked as a mechanical designer for almost 20 years in the machine tool industry. With age and experience I continued to improve my own exercise methods, but I still found myself frustrated and following advice that seemed good but always proved inaccurate. In January 2001, I learned about SuperSlow for the first time from a magazine article that was posted on the bulletin board at the fitness center where I was training. I understood that the principles presented in the article were correct, and I attempted to incorporate them into my own training without fully understanding the details. Months later, I contacted Ken Hutchins and began studying in depth the instructional material that he had produced. When circumstances allowed, in January 2004, I visited Orlando to test for certification at his facility. I began instructing clients in the SuperSlow method as an independent contractor working inside established local fitness centers. In 2008 I purchased the best equipment available and opened Ideal Exercise to provide clients a proper exercise facility where distractions are eliminated and the privacy affords their best opportunity to maximize results.

I had maintained my SuperSlow certification through 2012 with continuing education credits from the SuperSlow Zone Institute although the integrity of that organization has been compromised. Ken Hutchins, the founder, is now associated with Renaissance Exercise and I adhere to this protocol as it continues on the cutting edge of improving exercise as a science. The name is new, but the focus has not changed.

As an instructor, my intent is to guide a client into critical thinking about their potential, to accurately define their goals and then deliver appropriate directions for continual progression. I will not promise unrealistic results, and I cannot impose any effect on a subject. Exercise is not passive and it cannot be received as a treatment. I can safely guide one toward their individual potential, and realizing that potential then depends on the level of effort applied.

I want to apply logic and knowledge to dispel the innumerable myths about exercise that have been circulated for decades. While there are others who know of the benefits, and attempt to incorporate some proper exercise standards, I remain the most qualified instructor in the area.