Ideal Exercise provides clients the best possible instruction and environment. Following the Renaissance Exercise Protocol clients achieve the maximum results without wasting the precious resources of time and  energy.

The instruction is given in a private setting free of distractions by the most qualified instructor in Alabama.
A single 20 – 30 minute session per week is recommended to yield the best results. A maximum of two sessions per week may be helpful as high intensity is learned.

All exercise sessions are conducted one on one in private.
Momentary muscular failure is a fundamental part of proper exercise, and it’s timing varies for each person.
To minimize time between exercises, individual attention is a must.

Cost per session is $35
There is no membership fee.
No long term contract is required.

Sessions are by appointment only.
It’s the only way to eliminate interruptions.
Concentration is a must.

An initial consultation visit is encouraged.
This introduction is free of charge.
An appointment time must be scheduled.